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Boss caught on CCTV vandalising ex-employee's car


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A woman whose former boss painted “bitch” on her car had to wait more than two years for his conviction, despite CCTV evidence. Suzanne Brogan’s car was attacked by her former boss in December 2014 and a month later he poured red paint on it – both were caught on camera.Two years and two victim’s right to review applications later, Chris Stanton was convicted in January 2017.Stanton appealed against conviction but has since dropped his bid.

Ms Brogan, of Northamptonshire, pushed for 18 months to convince the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to bring charges against the Leicestershire businessman. In January this year, Stanton, chairman of Welcomm Communications in Market Harborough, was convicted of two counts of criminal damage at Northampton Magistrates’ Court. He was fined £4,615 and given a restraining order, banning him from contacting Ms Brogan.

Ms Brogan said she had lost faith in the justice system after it took so long to bring him to court and is speaking out now after Stanton dropped his own court appeal against the conviction. She added: “If you don’t fight and you’re not prepared to fight it’s almost as if the system is working against you.”I’d got the CCTV, I’d got the motive, I’d got every reason for them to prosecute. I gave it to them on a plate. The police provided the additional information. It was one of the easiest wins for them and they resisted.”She said the criminal damage came after she had settled an employment tribunal hearing with the company in June 2014 for unfair dismissal. A spokesperson for the CPS said it was seeking to make full use of court powers to protect people.
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